We have had a number of questions recently about our products.  It is fantastic to see so many people passionately sourcing products that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

It is exactly the reason Save Some Green exists, to find things that you use daily and make them as friendly as they can be. If we minimise it’s environmental footprint we help to minimise your impact too..

We want everything we sell to be as environmentally friendly as we can make it.

All the bamboo is sourced from China.

We utilise Bamboo a lot, it is an amazing plant with a huge range of uses.  It requires no fertiliser, no pesticides nor additional irrigation and it is abundant and fast growing. You cannot get much mosre sustainable than that .

It is in China Where we have our cutlery, toothbrushes and most other bamboo items made. It simply makes sense to make the product where the resource is.

Our Hemp  products are 100% Organic.

We then package as minimally as possible, avoiding plastics wherever we can and using recycled materials.

All of our shipping is done by hand and again we recycle packaging where we can.

This is not quite enough however. Our range is developing and building, trying to fill gaps and maybe solve a few other challenges on the way.

We are constantly looking to improve the products even when we think we have them pretty much there.

As such we have new packaging on most of the products, reducing the materials needed for them.  This and sourcing more generic packing from existing supply chains.

This makes it simple and we like simple.