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Today is simply knackering.  Small boy awake at god knows when o’clock, then a morning of very huge dullness.  As such the musings from my wordhole are just not going to be that fun… For that dear reader I am very, very sorry!


How can I make amends??

Well I have a little plan.  It is the time of year ladies and germs to get planting for a garden full of yumminess!  You cannot beat an edible garden (in my opinion… it is my blog after all!)

So What should we be planting now!!  or doing now, right now??  Quick run to the garden and get this done… (treat this as a little note to self (myself) as all these things I need to do now!!)

Raspberry Canes.. If not already done cut down to 6″, I should have sorted this much earlier in the year but never got round to it.  Encourages healthy new growth and a shed load of lovely fresh fruit should follow.  Great snacking for kids and so much value as raspberries are crazy expensive fruit really… freeze on day of picking and you get fruit for the year.

Greenhouse goodness..  My greenhouse is a shed essentially.. that and my home made poly tunnel (free!! Mostly anyway)  Absolutely rammed with all the things I needed to get out of the garden into a cleaner dryer safer environment. So now I need to get in there and clear space ready for all the goodness that will be growing in there.  boy do I ever plan to get a lot into there.  Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and I hope a loofah or two.

Tomatoes and Peppers can be planted into trays and put on the window sill ready for the summer.. Gives them a good start ready and waiting. So when our ever so predictable Summer comes to join us I will have some lovely plants ready to feed me and my lovely family all through the season!

Outside Growing..  We go through a fair chunk of spring onion based goodness in our house so this year, to save me a fortune,  I am going to plant buckets loads of Spring Onions.  I have some lovely pickled onions (with a twist)at the end of this year too.  Red cabbage and Summer cabbage can be planted now too…  Don’t forget to rotate your planting.   Brassica‘s : Roots : Others… Very important and I may well have to give some more info there I think…

Bees have been having a terrible time of it lately…. Poor Poor Bees.  Think I will talk about them tomorrow. Borage is a keen bee Favourite though so if you want to help out our little Apis wonders plant some now.. they will thank you in their own buzzy little way…

Fruit Trees..  Apparently (I am in no way an expert) but you can get away with pruning some tree’s as long is it is winter.  I think I am pushing it a little here but need to get a big branch off my apple tree as it is going all wonky and needs to go.  It will be reused as a perch for my hens to sit on.


Now I have to go and train.  I will be back to update later.








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