Two Degrees: Legacy of Rage

Two Degrees: Legacy of Rage (Photo credit: ikrichter)

busy busy busy

Much work occurred with the blog site almost sorted (small boy coming up the stairs now, maximus interuptus) he is currently getting very much in the way of typing whilst Baby Bolo has her nappy changed next door.. Baby Bolo because she looks very much like the chinese Body building Kung Fu legend  Bolo Yeung.  The missus denies all allegations.. but then she would, Wouldn’t she??

Last nights Chilli Chick Peas was an absolute triumph, Very hot indeed but very tasty..   Recipe and photo’s to follow very soon I promise.

Tonight’s nosh extravaganza to include what is left of the Chick Pea goodness, with some lovely griddled sardines and some cous cous.  Healthy tasty and again cheap.  Our Frugal life continues.

Plans for a new chicken coop arising following a conversation for free plywood from Freecycle chappie.  Thanks Wayne.  I will be collecting that shortly and a lot of double glazed glass units for the Eco Friendly conservatory.  Not quite an earth ship but pretty darn cheap and hopefully very very useful.

Right best nip off and make tea before training.

Adios Green Amigos.


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