All the Bamboo Toothbrushes

We love our Bamboo Toothbrushes.  Genuinely.

Our brushes are arguably the most environmentally friendly toothbrushes ever and could stop hundreds of millions of plastic toothbrushes from sitting in landfill or ending in the oceans.

The handles are sourced from super sustainable compostable bamboo and are wrapped in super minimal packaging.

We even have bamboo infused bristles on a new and improved brush head  which means not only are the brushes better environmentally but they feel different too, simply nicer to use and less painful on the gums.

The Bristles

We get a number of questions about the bristles so it is important for us to clarify.

The Bristles on all of our brushes are made from Nylon 4 which has been infused with bamboo fibre or charcoal.

Nylon 4 is the same as you would find on any toothbrush you can find.  It is the best available material right now that can  make toothbrushes bristles from.

These bristles are biodegradable.

Happy Brushing!