Passive or not?

Saw this just a moment ago.. Ruddy Smashing it is too,  Reminded me just how much I need to update the site.

So much has been going on but not added it on yet.  I am on it though , Honest!

Watch this space.


Ps Thanks Amy

Bamboo peg placeholder

Peg Escape!!!

We have had a Bamboo peg escape.. a sighting at a wedding recently gives us hope that the little blighters may be found and returned safe and sound!

let us know if you spot them 😉


Seed Twaddle

Ok Short version

Sign this, tell your friends to do the same, repeat.  Easy Better world for all!


Longer version,

well have a read of this.  I just saw it via that there twitter lark.  Very nice lady at the soil association retweeting from these chaps quite a random thing really.. but liking it.. explore later in more detail later I think…

However this part is a bit more serious…

The EU are seemingly trying to regulate plants and Seeds



…  organisms that have been growing more millions of years will apparently become subject to law which means the distribution of the seeds is deemed illegal;  potentially if you give away seed or grow seed that is not on the “Approved” list you will be breaking the law.  (a bit more to it than that of course)

Absolute glow in the dark, badger wearing a hat twaddle. So usual thing, sign up, send an email or 2 and tell them to bugger off… Lots of details right here!!   Attack!!

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Bored of Horse… How about Anal leakage?

Horse..   Drugged horses for that matter..   Almost old news now really.. today’s papers being tomorrows chip wrappers.

But this isn’t the only way we are not given what we think when we slap down the cash… Being a bit keen on food, it’s provenance and impact; here at Some Save Green we consider our food choices here more than most  (Easter eggs and small children being the dilemma of the week.)  The latest instance with the delightful Ikea deserts containing faecal matter made more than a few people gasp horribly.  Including us.. we rarely go to Ikea but when we do we have fallen into eating there (not getting cakes though!). Ikea always seemed like school dinners to me; A big canteen affair. Slightly more surly and disinterested than the real thing but the point is it seemed like good honest food.. .  Something working in the brain there but anyway.

To have the bubble burst of food safety is unpleasant to the extreme.   We already know that the food is made in a factory hundreds of miles away with more steel, chemicals and machinery but being reminded in such an ghastly fashion. bleaurgh!   (Made me very happy that Mrs Save Some Green does a splendid Lemon Sponge.. I must put the Recipe up.. Can somebody remind me.. It would help really.. Hard work remembering to do anything with two kids to save from Poop food infection. )

This of course added to the list of horse in Ikea meatballs, that wont all be reclaimed?!? horse meat in lasagna  burgers, all over the shop.

We relished ‘slightly guiltily’ that we make our own or don’t really eat much of stuff so wouldn’t get it but then it occurred to me.  How many other people are thinking the same thing.  “Oh well, I don’t eat that so I don’t need to worry”   But let’s have a look at the other foods that been infected…

Over the recent months we have also got birds and insects in our salads.  Bored of Horse… How about Anal leakage? Tuna labelled as Tuna but is in fact a fish that could give you a prolonged oily anal discharge!?!?  (I move hastily onward here) to pieces of plastic or bacteria, Rodent Infestation, Salmonella.  Today’s little resurgence of old news about Haddock or Vietnamese Pangasius (Cobbler if you like).  Todays News  Last years news Year Before  year before…  Isn’t it amazing how well this challenge is being addressed..


This is pretty good too.. this years Food Standards Agencies reclaims for this year… Up until End of march anyway.

Have a look, if you don’t have the time just believe everything I say. (if it works for the supermarkets what not for me?)

( Click on the pic if you want more. )

Food Standards Agency   Food Alerts

This years Food Alerts to Date!!!


The smug feeling you might assume from not eating processed meats soon disappears when you consider that even the fruits and vegetables are often able to be contaminated.

Even poor vegetarians who make a hugely sound environmental choice suffer with possibly harmful Tofu.. Apart from its distinctly odd look.  Anyhow, This is all very tragic and can seem like scaremongering, but lets face it these concerns remain valid. we haven’t even started on what gets found in restaurant food.

No matter how many checks and controls are in place. things will go wrong…

Now hold on tight this is where I get a bit hippy,

How difficult can it be to release ourselves from this (almost) cage?  Where we have to go to a supermarket to get food that is almost clinical because of constraints and measures that have to be in place to at least try and save us from this stuff occurring. It is forced to be what it is.  A far simpler system surely exists which expedites the those created challenges.


If the journey to the plate is shorter there is less room for error surely?

How about popping to your local farmers market, Supporting your local greengrocer, butcher, hardware store.  The range may be smaller.. or even wider?  the quality will likely be better.  If you can’t seen something ask?

I am pretty certain that it is tough out there for all business right now.  Why put your money you earn into the hands of  those that don’t care a damn about you in any way, except as a thing which brings is more money.

If you buy from a local farmers market, farm shop you will get get local food at good prices.  Food that has been picked on the very farm you are buying from or baked in your town. As a kid I remember loads of jokes about finding a caterpillar in your cabbage and none at all about horse drugs in your lasanga

( Click on the pic if you want more. )

The best Twitter horse meat jokes   now with added Shergar lasagne   Radio Times

The best Twitter horse meat jokes now with added Shergar lasagne Radio Times


Go Local! it’s the only way.. isn’t it?


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Palm Oil Chocolate madness!!

Not sure if I put this up here before?

either way.. if you haven’t got your easter egg yet..

Do have a look at this list..   devastation for a chocolate egg…  madness


BBC Two Terry Pratchett Facing Extinction
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Palm Oil Boo!

Nothing else to this post..


Palm Oil = Crappy greedy crapness


We hate it..


There is a planned post or 6 in the pipelines but until they are done


Watch this, on BBC2 tonight at 9pm


It combines two of my Favorite things, Orangutans and Terry Pratchett..



Happy Friday

If you aren’t happy yet…

Watch this.. it is lovely

Happy Friday, Nothing Else.






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Beautiful Day

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

The Save Some Green Allotment

It is simply lovely out there but my word is it ever chilly…

This cold weather has a couple of things to think about for green minded people.  Not the least could be a late frost which will kill back the blossom on my fruit tree; its happened before and it was awful 🙁 .

Also the thought of how much this could set back other planting.  Not to say that it is all bad.  This cold dry air will do wonders for the soil, drying it slowly from the recent rains and the frost helping to break the larger clods into a fine tilth. Anyway, the plan is to use a semi-no-dig system to get things moving along.  After the removal of the old run, moving the coop into the new run and settling the hens I now plan to cover the lot with card and compost.  ruddy loads of the stuff… build a good natural soil structure with the plants doing the work.

I do have a number of challenges in my way.  The run and coop moving have been delayed and delayed so the soil hasn’t been prepared as it needed to be.  Also a huge amount of water logging over the highest level of the soil ??  Which is where the chickens have been scratching pooping and what not for probably 10 years.

This had given some idea of the soil underneath them being like gold but after a little exploratory and drainage assisting forking about it would seem that they is about a million tonnes of clay directly beneath. How well this is going to plan out is all a mystery right now, but I think with some careful planting I can make this work.  Lets face it, few of us to have all the time we need to get things done. Always chasing to get things done in time.  I want to plant and more or less forget.  Simple crops that can be harvested year on year, with one planting and a little care. and the rest well, probably the staples that will keep the salad bowl and the pickle jars full..

Permaculture is really beginning to plant a seed in my head, I do think I have to thank Mike Feingold for his delightfully entertaining manner, who I have only seen twice but has made me extra keen to go for it. Our little SSG family is quite lucky in that we have a good size garden (not huge but alright) with the poly tunnel in the back and the allotment just over the road, giving us much greater opportunity to fill our bellies with food free from taint. One of the foods being the Juneberry plants I have decided to buy, ‘Amelanchier lamarckii’ is the Latin name should you be interested.  This, I hope, will replace our constant purchasing of blueberries.  All of which that has probably been flown from the moon and sprayed countless times with alien wee and battery acid…  Never sure you can wash all that stuff off… (out?)  However it looks like these plants may bit a little larger and more unruly than first imagined but we shall see.. anyway.. Loads more to do, back in a bit…





Hooray, Spring is here..


Don’t belive me?  Look at the smashing super picture.  Frogspawn, in my pond again and loads of it…brilliant..


I love frogs, I will post a vid when I can catch them, either just hearing them croak in the garden or seeing them sat out there relaxing.


Planting time can begin in earnest..   There will be a whole lot more on this blog in the coming days.. as well as finally getting some of the backlog from transfering from the old site out of the way.


Till next time.