Inventive Title I know.

I am Save Some Green I guess.  A Family man with all the usual concerns that follow.  Make sure the mortgage is paid and that my gorgeous family lives happily, comfortably and with as little impact as we can manage.  This is impact on the Environment in general.  So if we can grow our own food, Great.  Generate our own energy, Great.  Create our own fuel, Great!  We want to manage ourselves, our expectations and as a result be largely unobtrusive on the world around us.

We started in 2008 and as such it means that a large part of this (and the largely untouched) blog will be showing things that we have done before, often redoing these things as the old work has worn out and needs replacing.  We invite you to join in, help us and help yourselves by looking at what we put here, commenting if you think it is good or bad!  If you have any idea’s, throw them in too… who knows you may be the instrument that leads to our next improvement.

It may be of interest to know that we are just like anybody else.  We don’t own lots of land, instead we have a 3 bed semi in Wiltshire that needs a fair bit of work.  A garden that looks quite a lot like a scrapyard and 2 little children who make everything we do so much more important than anything we have done before.  It is fair to say that since Oliver and Lauren (our latest and last family addition) arrived we have become even more aware of the things that we do and of what we are leaving behind.

What we do may be a little bit too hippy, tree hugging or long haired crazy for many.  For others too much of a compromise.  However ‘horses for courses’ springs to mind.  What we do might not suit everybody but I am sure that saving cash, living better, healthier and enjoying life more are 3 things that surely apply to everybody.  Take what you can from our pages and please come back to let us know how it works out for you.

Happy days too all

The Save Some Green Brood

James, Sherelyn, Oliver and Lauren.