1st of the month

Happy March everybody.

It is looking fab out there.. My solar panels are going like the clappers today which is jolly fine news, producing last time I looked anyway 1.7kwh, which is pretty darn good indeed. I have been in contact with Good Energy today, They are a local firm (which has to be a good thing)  and very friendly they are too.  I will be popping in to see them tomorrow and going through the process of getting my panels registered for the Feed in Tariff (FIT).

Now I have mentioned the FIT before.  As it stands (today) the FIT gives back 43.3p/kwh produced by the solar panels.

So if I produced 10kwh in a day I will get £4.34 from them.  This is pretty good, can’t complain.

It is a little more complex than this though,

I get the first benefit of that £4.34 which is pretty good.

Each unit of energy that I generate but don’t use gets exported back to the grid and I get, wait for it.  3.1p per kwh. not a huge amount but this will add up.

In addition to this I save on all the electricity I use at home whilst my panels are working away.  So the more I can use whilst they work the more I save on my bills.  To give an idea, the other day the unit was kicking out 2kwh (ish) and I had the washing machine on, the PC, the fridge etc, all the stuff that is on during the day as standard (working from my home it means almost everything)  now my usage at the time was 1.8kwh.. I had the kettle on too whilst I was looking at this.  The cost according to my metre would be something like £42 a day if we stayed at that level. I was getting all that for free.  This is only a snapshot however.  Normal usage in the house tends to be around 400w that is including the TV on which the small boy loves (reducing tv intake for small children will be another topic another day)

Obviously I only generate significantly on sunny days and only for a set amount of time (unfortunately) but it should mean that I make significant savings on my bills.

We will see how things go throughout the summer and rest assured ladies and germs I will keep you updated on the process.  Including how much I am saving year in comparison to last year.  Now that is that, done. Phew.

Right then Tea is on, our rather delicious peasant Food Fish bake.  Looking forward to scoffing that then off to some more Training.  Fat belly porkiness begone! Well muscled and chiseled torso.. unlikely but hey.. here is hoping.

Till next time


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